Villa Liquid | Luxury Turks and Caicos Villa Rental in Providenciales (Provo)

When you stay at Villa Liquid, you have an extensive range of activities in your immediate vicinity, ensuring there isn’t a single dull moment throughout your entire stay. Some of the activities you can partake it are:


The clear blue waters of Providenciales is the center of fishing in the Turks and Caicos.

Whether you are fishing for fun or competition, you are sure to find many opportunities to have a great time. Each year, many different tournaments are held, from the international Caicos Classic deep-sea bill-fishing event to smaller reef and bottom fishing contests.

There are many different, commonly caught fish that are great to eat in the Turk and Caicos. Some of the edible fish you will likely catch during your stay include the mutton, grey, red snapper, yellowtail, Nassau grouper, and more.

Fishing can be the perfect way to put the final touch on your marvellous trip to the Turks and Caicos, and it’s all close to Villa Liquid, so you’re never too far from a fantastic fishing adventure.


Sailing is a popular activity that is easily accessible in the Turks and Caicos.

Hobie Cats are one of the most popular choices for tourists deciding to do some sailing. The Hobie Cat is a small and easy to use unsinkable sailboat, so our recommendation is for the most beginner-friendly sailing experience. If it is your first time sailing, you will find many boat rental establishments that offer free instructions on how to get sailing.

Sailing is an excellent way to find secluded beaches and reefs that are entirely uninhabited. When sailing, you can also explore, snorkel, do some freediving, or just relax and enjoy the waves. You will find countless breathtaking in the Turks and Caicos!

Sailing is just one of the many activities that are just a short journey away from the luxurious Villa Liquid. 


One of the most popular water sports in the Turks and Caicos is Kiteboard or kitesurfing.

You will find many different locations that provide Kiteboarding, most of which are found on Providenciales’ island.

Kiteboarding combines surfing and parasailing, allowing you to drift through the water on a board while the wind pulls you along.

If you have yet to Kiteboard, most of the equipment’s distributors will offer free lessons on getting started.

Kiteboarding is an excellent addition to any sailing trip and allows you to enjoy the wind and water simultaneously without the need for any mechanical equipment.

The wind on the Providenciales is consistent and predictable and is usually the east southeast trade winds. While the islands typically experience these predictable winds on and off throughout the year, the winter month tends to be more pronounced and regular.

Luxury Boat Charters

Private boat charters are one of the best ways you can spend one of your vacation days in Turks and Caicos as they allow for the excursion to be tailor-fit to your exact destination, activity and dining preferences.

Considered a must-do by many, the private boat charters have become one of the most popular activities to enjoy when visiting the Turks and Caicos and many differing boat charters give great tours, providing a great look at the islands’ countless wonders.

The boat Charters cover beaches, including Half Moon Bay, Water Cay, Pine Cay or Fort George Cay. They explore many marine environments while also providing food and beverage to enjoy while listening to music.

On top of passing many great views, the charters also visit the iguanas at Little Water Cay and provide snorkel opportunities so you can enjoy some of the fantastic locations first hand.

Many of these luxury boat charters will pick you up just a short trip away from Villa Liquid, so there is no need for long commutes before getting on the boat.


Eco-tours and activities are a great way to experience the more natural aspect of the Turks and Caicos. Some of the many eco-tour and activities available are wetland paddleboarding and trips to remote nature reserves.

There are countless opportunities for those who want more holistic experiences in untouched and uninhabited areas.

There are many wondrous natural sights to behold in the Turks and Caicos accessible by paddleboat, kayak, on foot, sailing, and more.

One of the more popular eco-tours is the kayak or stand up paddleboard trips to the marine mangrove estuaries and wetlands. 

During your excursion, you are sure to see a diverse range of different wildlife, like flamingos, blue herons, tri-coloured herons, ospreys, peregrine falcons, mangrove cuckoo, majestic frigatebird, Bahamas Woodstar hummingbird, the endangered West Indian whistling duck, and much more.

Scuba Diving

The Providenciales are within over 112 km of barrier reefs and walls. Due to all of the surrounding natural marine life, there are many different dive site and see marine life and corals,

Grace Bay beach, a quick five-minute walk from Villa Liquid, has many spur and groove reef formations. However, there are several different dive spots found throughout the islands, all offering unique experiences.

Scuba diving on the Providenciales is also a great way of spotting wildlife. Depending on the diving site you choose, you will see many sharks when diving, including Caribbean gray reef sharks and nurse sharks, hammerheads, lemon sharks, and bull sharks. If you visit during the winter months, you may also see humpback whales.

Horseback Riding​

The Providencial islands hold three small riding stables, all offering rides along beautiful beaches and many other breathtaking sights.

Horseback riding is the perfect way to experience the Turks and Caicos’ beauty as each stable provides unique tours of the islands. Each tour was prepared to ensure you take in many of the islands’ awe-inspiring sights.

The island’s natural beauty makes for a fantastic setting for riding. No matter your skill level, you will enjoy one of the many routes you experience. If you are new to riding, the stable provides a brief overview of equipment and safety and even offers guide-led ponies for children.

Horseback riding is a fun way for the entire family to experience the tropical island and make an unforgettable addition to your vacation.

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